Source code for simplesqlite.error

.. codeauthor:: Tsuyoshi Hombashi <>

import sqlite3
from typing import Optional

from tabledata import NameValidationError  # noqa: W0611

[docs]class DatabaseError(sqlite3.DatabaseError): """ Exception raised for errors that are related to the database. .. seealso:: - `sqlite3.DatabaseError <>`__ """
[docs]class NullDatabaseConnectionError(DatabaseError): """ Exception raised when executing an operation of :py:class:`~simplesqlite.SimpleSQLite` instance without connection to a SQLite database file. """
[docs]class TableNotFoundError(DatabaseError): """ Exception raised when accessed the table that not exists in the database. """
[docs]class AttributeNotFoundError(DatabaseError): """ Exception raised when accessed the attribute that not exists in the table. """
[docs]class SqlSyntaxError(Exception): """ Exception raised when a SQLite query syntax is invalid. """
[docs]class OperationalError(sqlite3.OperationalError): """ Exception raised when failed to execute a query. """ @property def message(self) -> Optional[str]: return self.__message def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs) -> None: self.__message = kwargs.pop("message", None) super().__init__(*args)